Building a Resilient, Equitable America with Richard Heinberg

December 26, 2020
Building a Resilient, Equitable America with Richard Heinberg
Show Notes

It's the end of 2020, a year in which many of our nation's deepest problems and divisions have taken center stage.   The coronavirus may be new, but the environmental issues that helped create it (and the politics that unleashed it's massive spread across our country) is not.  Our economy, social systems, healthcare and every individual's sense of security have been deeply damaged this year.  In response, we've seen historic levels of protest, voting and violence.  It seems that no one is satisfied with the status quo.

The question is: how do we move forward together?

As this podcast has evolved and grown, I've realized that we can use these interviews to answer that very question.  There is every indication that 2021 will be another tough year.  No single person (or president) can fix the mess that we are in.  But as always, challenge means opportunity.  It will take the energy, analysis and activism of everyone to save our country and our planet.  Today's guest is an expert on all three.

Richard Heinberg is an acclaimed writer and leader in the Resilience movement.  His landmark work The End of Growth: Adapting to Our New Economic Reality provides a highly accessible and engaging analysis of the financial and environmental issues that have converged to create our current crisis.  This interview was recorded in October as fires were raging in California and the elections were just around the corner, but the discussion was so comprehensive and timely that we saved it to kick off the new year.  The hour includes an overview of key concepts like no-growth economics, peak oil and the resilience movement within the context of BLM and the urgent need to build unifying movement for all Americans toward a sustainable, equitable future.

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Thank you for your support and enjoy the interview.

Onward and upward in 2021!

~Kimberly J. Miller